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Nobody would have guessed in a million years that God’s will would be to put together this group. We all have had insanely different journeys but all have led to this moment in time. Some of us were going to quit, some of us learned our instrument half a year before, some of us have only taken lessons for 6 months, some of us were waiting for this band to unleash their gift to the full, and some of us should be dead but were sent to help the others. We are still growing and learning but the joy of salvation we have now surpasses anything we could ever imagine. God can use anyone who is willing to obey. Since God won our hearts, we surrender our lives and find who we were made to be…

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Meet the band!

Julia Pankau was born in Connecticut and moved to Chicagoland at age 5. She was a competitive dancer at Center Stage Dance Studio from age 7-11. From age 11-15, she trained at Faubourg School of Ballet. She started competing solo in ballet and contemporary and was awarded top 12 at the Youth American Grand Prix. While training she struggled with many injuries, but in Winter 2019, a serious toe injury pushed her into exploring other creative outlets, namely piano. Julia has taken piano lessons from 1st grade to 5th grade then quit. In the time away from dance, she taught herself how to play the piano by watching YouTube videos. She started taking it more seriously when Marlon helped her go to the next level, this is when she started playing with the band. After her injury, she also started writing her own music and writing spoken word poetry. Julia has been around church her whole life, being a pastor’s kid, but she started taking her faith seriously in her 8th-grade year. Through exploring her artistry, finding talents she never knew she had, and growing deeper in faith, she is finding the girl who she was made to be. Julia now dances around Chicagoland and teaches, choreographs, models, and is a part of Made To Be.

Pablo is the bassist for Made To Be. He began playing percussion instruments in his younger years but has now worked his way to become an aspiring bassist. Pablo accepted Christ through the sport of Wrestling where he learned about God’s love and his sacrifice so that we could spend eternity with Him. After suffering a season-ending injury, Pablo came to peace with the realization that his competition days were over. After some time, Pablo found a passion for the bass and enjoys honoring God through the new gift He has given Pablo.

Malcolm Henry is the drummer for Made To Be. He’s been on the Chicago Hope Church worship team since the very first service. At 20 years old, Malcolm’s been drumming since he was about 3, and is mostly self-taught. Malcolm comes from a long line of musicians and musically inclined people. He finds so much fulfillment in knowing God has called him to help lead in worship through music. Malcolm is always excited to see his bandmates and make music that could potentially change lives. He hopes that he could continue to grow his relationship with God, and help others do the same.

Marlon has been singing since he came out of the womb and has been following Jesus since he was 22.  God won his heart during his 3 years as a professional actor but then asked him to lay down acting to return to music and to become a leader. Having been a part of 8 different churches, Dad(how Marlon refers to God), broke his heart for the need of music that helped people continue being led by Jesus and shaped by the Holy Spirit.  He’s been songwriting since 2012, and Made To Be is the fruit of being obedient in this creative process.  Guitar, piano, voice, and violin are the current instruments Dad has gifted him in using for His glory.

Treville has been singing since he was 8 years old. He was apart of the Marcy Newberry Children’s choir, then stopped singing once Marcy Newberry shut down. His journey with God is still in the works, but the path in which God is directing him is truly amazing. Over the past 2 years, Treville has grown in his faith tremendously. While on that path, he got back into singing at Chicago Hope church. God gifted Treville with a really nice ear for music, so when he practices, he’s able to hear a note and learn songs very quickly. Treville has been blessed with the gift of words, as he is in the works of becoming a songwriter. God has amazing things in store for Treville and wants him to use his gifts in order to bless others around him.

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123, New Lenox, Chicago IL 60606

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8:00am, 9:15am, 11:00am

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