“It brought me back to life because it’s full of life.”
-Keno Blackmon

“I was actually fed up with church…I would not be going to church if God had not guided me to this amazingly real community of healing and transformation.”
-Marlon Washington

“Chicago Hope Church has shown me the importance of being able to discuss brokenness with others in an environment of comfort and support and peace.”
-John Henry

“It’s more connection based and more conversational based, which helps me to really retain what the message is all about.” -Jaden P.

“We all know each other and we’re going to know each other next week and we’re going to talk to each other next week…I feel like this church was a God-send…It’s exactly what we needed.” -Malcolm Henry

“It feels much more like a community that is a family for every day instead of just Sunday.”  -Briana Wilson

“Coming to Chicago Hope has been healing.”  -Van Wilson

“It’s helped me take initiative owning my faith.” -Giselle H.

“I love youth group and Spiritual Growth Group because it gives me the chance to talk to kids my age about our faith and things we go through.  We pray for each other. I feel like I have a group of people to talk to. Youth Group and SGG have helped me tremendously with my faith.” -Camille M.

“Spiritual Growth Group is one of my favorite clubs because it feels like I have a support system. We talk about each other’s problems and mine too. When we share we give positive options that might help our situation. I love this group because they are helping me get a closer relationship with God.” -Aamori G.

“The Pankaus have helped me tremendously with moving into their home for the school year. The Pankaus also talk me through adversity and help me get through it to continue the day. I am very thankful for them being great problem solvers in my life. I am very thankful to have this place be a second home to me.” -Will S.

“I am a practicing Catholic and attend mass every Sunday. I think it has been guilted into me over the years. I attend Chicago Hope to get a chance to interact with the other attendees. I look forward to the message and then the opportunity to share with the other men in attendance. Too often I, as a man, keep feelings and thoughts bottled up.  Listening to the other men share and then being able to unburden myself is a wonderful gift. When I am unable to attend due to travel or schedule conflicts, I miss the group. Keep up the good work.”  John P.

“Being a part of Chicago Hope Church has helped me understand what it actually means to follow Jesus, and understand how much He sacrificed for me. Chicago Hope Church is so different from other churches, because it teaches me the difference between the “prosperity gospel” and real Christianity. Chicago hope church not only brought me closer to God but also is teaching me how to become a better man. I have truly been impacted because I see deeper into Christianity than I did before. I actually can feel that I am not lonely anymore because I know that God is always with me. I know that God can communicate to us in numerous ways. Confessing my sins won’t guarantee that everything is ok, but confessing and repenting is key. I learned that repent means ‘to turn’, so if I am truly repenting, then I am turning away from the sins I confessed and toward a god guided and empowered life. ” -Treville H.

“Attending Chicago Hope Church has helped me begin to understand what God meant about a community.  Everyone cares about each other.” -Richard Sass

“My 2 sons Lyrelle and Wonyell and I have had the honor of being members of Chicago Hope Church for two years now. My journey in finding (CHC) was through my son Wonyell attending Chicago Hope Academy. During the time of my son’s registration to Hope Academy, my family was in desperate need of spiritual guidance and that is then when I came across pastor and Mrs. Pankau at one of (CHA’S) events. We became very acquainted and I began volunteering around the school and church until we became members of (CHC). Then we came across more hardship when my son’s future at the school was at stake. We had no money and my son was failing, but the pastor and his wife assured us that we had no worries and they took my son in to live with them for two months. They began to mentor my son while also providing him with a productive environment with more of a spiritual and academic focus. They even helped with a late fee for his tuition.  I also have a son that I’m very passionate about supporting who’s in prison, who has had the opportunity to have corporate prayer with myself and the pastor. Hope Church has helped me find myself and my purpose. So much has changed in the last two years. CHC has helped us conquer things my family has been struggling with our whole lives. I’m working and going to school now. my children have so much faith and I’m happy in my life now.” -Monique Williams

“Hope Church is what church should be, a body of believers seeking a closer relationship with God first and foremost. Not just being fed the word on Sunday, but carrying out the word and truly living it throughout the week. Together as a church we walk through life together side by side no matter what life throws at us. From the pastor to every church member, someone is always there to Journey through life with you. This church truly is a blessing. To God be the glory!” -Stefania Campo

Hope Church is an answered prayer. Throughout my life I’ve attended three churches, but I never really felt like I belonged at any of them. At Hope Church I definitely feel I belong. The people of Hope Church have become my family. It is truly impacting to attend church with students, staff, and the founders of Chicago Hope Academy, seeing the staff praying over the school and how much they truly love God is very moving. I’ve definitely had rough experiences with churches, which has caused my family a lot of pain. It had become very hard for me to trust a church that preached one thing but did another. Not only is the truth spoken, but it is also lived. The love that the Pankaus have shown me has been incredible. You truly see the love of God through their actions, and their love for the students at Hope. Another answered prayer was youth group. I always wanted to be a part of a youth group, but I was never able to attend one at my old churches. Youth group definitely helped me grow as a follower of Christ, it strengthened my faith in God, and it also has made me create an incredible bond with the people of the youth group. I am truly grateful for Hope Church, and how it has helped me become a better version of myself, allowing me to share the love of God with others.”  Ashley R.

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